Art of Contrast Spotlight // Best Collection

by - Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Today we are featuring Miranda Skitzki, the winner of Best Collection from Art of Contrast! Miranda is a sophomore fashion design major. It took Miranda about five days total (36-40 hours) to complete her collection consisting of three looks.  Carrie Esser, Sophia Termine, and Olivia Suchko modeled her glamorous gold and red collection

"My design process started with scouring Pinterest for anything that would fit the theme and then using those images to develop a concept of what I wanted to create.  From there I made some rough sketches to get my ideas down on paper.  I then met with my models to introduce myself, show them my ideas and explain my concepts, and get their feedback about how they would feel wearing my looks on the runway.  After purchasing my fabrics, I started the construction process by making rough patterns and making trial pieces of the new techniques I wanted to use.  I then sewed the final garments and had model fittings before taking care of the finishing touches.  My final step in creating the garments was hand-painting the detailing and placing the rhinestones.  Lastly, I chose accessories, planned out hair and makeup for my models, and prepared to rock the show!" 

"My inspiration was the shapes and silhouettes of traditional Indian dress, particularly wedding attire.  I really love the intricate beading and embellishment as well as the bold reds and golds in those garments. "  

 "I hand-painted all the gold details and carefully placed the rhinestones on all three looks.  I really wanted this collection to make a statement by creating a modern and edgy look while still keeping a traditional Indian feel." 

"My biggest challenges were second guessing myself about the cohesiveness of my collection and patience while adding all the embellishment. " 

Congrats Miranda!

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