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Just the Beginning // Fall Recap

8:00 AM

I can't believe the fall semester is actually over. It's been busy, exciting, fun and even stressful. FSO has had so many record breaking moments in these first few months that we thought it was only right to visit some of our favorite memories. The fashion shows, the events, the meetings and more have made it a packed semester. Let's see what we got up to and what the board's favorite moments were.
Jess, President // "Besides seeing all the new members fill the auditorium at our first meeting, AoC [was my favorite part of the semester] for sure! It was such a successful show and I loved seeing everyone's hard work turn into an amazing show!"
From AoC to Soroptimist, all of our FSO models have been rockstars this semester.
Sarah, VP // "This semester [my favorite part] was definitely AoC, too! I also liked working the Project Runway Threads event."
Sabrina, Project Manager // "AoC!! The show was so magical and getting to work with such a perfect dream team [was my favorite part of the semester.]"
The very first meeting was overwhelming in the best way. We can't believe how many members we have this year!
Danielle, Treasurer // "My [favorite part] was Art of Contrast!"
Little rockstar Fashionisto in the making.
William, Advisor // "Tessa and her Neighbor's Apparel [was my favorite part of the semester.]"
Having the Kent Clarks perform at our last meeting made it that much more special.
Cassie, Public Relations // "My favorite night was definitely Art of Contrast, but I've also loved seeing FSO grow and interacting with so many passionate members over the semester."
One of the best nights of the semester: Art of Contrast 2014, Without Borders.
William sporting a scarf from former a Kent Alum's store: Neighbor's Apparel.
Thanks for making this one unforgettable. And to an even better spring semester!

art of contrast

Fashionista Feature // Madison Gander

5:00 PM

There are always members who stand out from the beginning. Their dedication to FSO is inspiring and their passion is contagious. Madison is one of those members. As a first year fashion major, we already know this is definitely the place for her & she's going far places

Name: Madison Gander 
Major/Minor: Fashion Merchandising / Fashion Media 
Year: Third year at Kent (previous nursing major) / first year fashion student 

Tell us a little about yourself!
MG: Fashion inspired and obsessed, I love everything about fashion school and couldn't be more thankful to have switched from nursing. I love being involved in the fashion school and want to continue to be more involved. 

What has been your favorite class in the fashion school so far?
MG: My favorite class has to be visuals so far because I love making mood boards and Dr. Hahn made the class so fun yet still challenging for me and I know the projects and information will benefit me in the future. I also loved technology because illustrator and Photoshop came natural to me, and who doesn't love William Perrine....

How long have you been involved with FSO?
MG: This is my first year being involved with FSO

This is a scarf Madison designed from images she took at AoC2014.
Do you have a favorite FSO memory?
MG: My favorite FSO memory would have to be doing photography for Art of Contrast. It was such a fun experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. 

What are you looking forward to this year?
MG: I look forward to going with FSO to New York hopefully in the spring! 

Do you have any dream jobs in mind for post graduation?
MG: I hope to one day work for a major designer (Chanel, Prada). FSO has made my first semester in fashion school so much fun and every meeting has been so beneficial to me and I look forward to two more years of FSO!  

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