Our Mission:
The Fashion Student Organization is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to get involved in special events, like fashion shows and competitions, in order to express their creativity in areas such as design, styling, cosmetology, PR, graphic design, social media, and interior design. We also aim to broaden your networking circles, build your resume, and open your mind to other fashion realms with annual trips to NYC or Chicago. FSO is also very proud to grant a scholarship every school year. 



The 2016-2017 Board:

President: Sabrina Pierotti: spierott@kent.edu
Vice Presidents: Dana Rausch: drausch4@kent.edu | Claire Zielinski: czielin1@kent.edu
Treasurer: Haley Trkulja: htrkulja@kent.edu
Secretary: Lexi Stoicovy: astoicov@kent.edu
Public Relations: Tracie Pfrogner: tpfrogne@kent.edu
Project Manager: Abby Bowen: abowen18@kent.edu
Board Member at Large: Serena Shroge:sshroge@kent.edu

Faculty Advisor: William Perrine: wperrine@kent.edu

The 2016 FSO board (left to right): Lexi Stoicovy, Dana Rausch, Serena Shroge, Sabrina Pierotti, Abby Bowen, Tracie Pfrogner, and Haley Trkulja. Not pictured: Claire Zielinski