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FSO is back and bigger than ever! We are now two meetings in to the second semester of the 2016-2017 school year, and so much has already begun. During the first meeting of the year, we were introduced to our new PR Girl, Autumn Barney! Along with a new PR Girl, FSO is starting a new campaign on social media called #FSOLOVE. Any member can use the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter, which may be featured on FSO’s social media pages at the end of each month!

There are some exciting fashion shows this semester, including the FSO Goodwill Styling Competition and the FS2 Annual Fashion Show. In our first meeting, Miriam Yohannes discussed modeling opportunities with members of FSO, which allows members to participate in the biggest fashion show on campus. The FS2 Fashion Show is Kent State’s annual show that showcases the work of senior design students, as well as the talents of merchandising students. During this semester, FSO is also putting on a fashion show! This semester’s show is a styling competition, in which students must style a totally thrifted look from Goodwill. The themes of this year’s show is Runway Rapsody, so all looks much be inspired by your favorite music, artist, genre, or music video. Runway Rapsody will be held on March 10th at 8pm.

 FSO has an exciting announcement. About 45 lucky members will be venturing to New York City to explore the Kent State NYC Studio, the FIT Museum, and so much more! The date of first sign-ups was Friday, January 27th, which had members lined up waiting as early as 3 in the morning. The trip will take place on the weekend of April 7th! #FSOtakesNYC

In FSO’s second meeting of the year, Edith Serkownek, the fashion school librarian, gave a presentation on makeup and hair from the 1960s and 1970s. Members were encouraged to try recreating some of the vintage looks. 


Finally, I want to leave you with some tips from Haley Trkuja’s LinkedIn Seminar presented during the first meeting.

Tip #1 : Be professional, approachable, and SMILE in your profile photo!

Tip #2 : When writing your summary, show that you have some direction of career focus and ask yourself, “What do I want them to know?”

Tip #3 : Only accept people you know or who are relevant to you/your industry. 

By Katie McCullough

Galentine's Day Festivities

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No Valentine’s Day plans this year? Girl, you’re not alone. Celebrate your independence the day before on Galentine’s Day! The holiday brought to you by Parks and Recreation is all about the ladies.

Here are a few recommendations for your fiesta for one or many!

Enjoy a pint of ice cream...all for yourself!

Whether you’re scooping up Ben and Jerry’s, Edy’s or the generic store brand, treat yo’ self! Handel’s offers $2 off pints on Tuesdays. Just saying. 

Get All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go

Put on that dress your momma doesn’t like with those new shoes you just bought! Just because you don’t have a man doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel sexy tonight. 

Watch a movie

You know How To Be Single, Mean Girls, and 27 Dresses are perfect options tonight. Too cliche? Make a cinema worthy Snapchat story to show off your girls only evening! 

 Give each gal a Valentine

Remember your third grade Valentine’s Day party? Those were the days. Bring the past to the present and pick the perfect message for each one of your friends RIGHT HERE

Have a great Galentine’s Day.You deserve it!


By Erin Keller

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