#KSUFaculty // William Perrine

8:00 AM

We may be a little biased, but FSO is really lucky to have such an amazing Faculty Advisor. This week is #KSUFaculty week. Students across every Kent campus are recognizing their favorite teachers, the ones who have been most impactful. I think it's safe to say that FSO would not be where it is today without William. He's inspiring, passionate and is always willing to help out. Here are some of our favorite things about him!

"William Perrine is more than a professor, he is someone who is my mentor, someone who saves me sanity at the fashion school and overall just a great person. He is full of knowledge and honestly has the correct answer for anything you need from processional advice to apartment hunting. William is such an asset to FSO and the org. wouldn't be what it is without him leading the pack!" —Jess, President
 "There are so many reasons why William is a great professor that it's hard to pick just one! His passion and knowledge on the industry are impressive and he cares so much about his students that he will give them any tool to succeed. My favorite thing about William is how caring he is! He truly is an amazing person and it shines through to everything he does." —Danielle, Treasurer
"My favorite thing about William is how enthusiastic and willing he is to help you at any moment of the day; always with a smile on his face." —Meghan, Public Relations
"William Perrine is not only my favorite professor, but also my most influential mentor due to his ability to be both inspirational and encouraging. He has supported me in every thing I have done both in and out of school. When I need a quick "pick-me-up" he is always there for me." —Hannah, VP
"William is so passionate about FSO and all of the members! He works so hard to make us the best and I really appreciate that about him." —Sabrina, Project Manager

So thank you, William. We can never express how truly thankful and lucky we are to have you not only as our faculty advisor, but as a friend and mentor. You're the best!
xx, FSO board


Fashionista Feature // Annie Skoch

8:00 AM

Introducing Annie! She is this year (and the first ever) recipient of the FSO scholarship. Honestly, we're beyond excited for her. Reading through this interview, you can feel the passion and gratitude through her words. We are really excited to see how her college time, and future career, pan out. We have no doubt about her success. 

FSO: First, tell us a little about yourself! 
Annie Skoch: I am freshman who is currently pursuing a major in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I have always dreamed of pursuing a career in fashion. I grew up loving to sew and selecting outfits for my fashion-challenged sister, so I fell in love with the idea of working with individuals to develop products for the fashion industry. I love  to sew, create, and design for fun. I currently have an online Etsy shop, Pink In Mind Design, where I sew and create custom jewelry and purses for a wide spectrum of customers. I've had this little business since I was thirteen, and I've loved seeing the business grow and where my products end up around the world. At Kent, I work in the KSU Theater Costume Shop where I help with the construction of the costumes used in the Kent Theater Productions. It is an awesome experience and I love being involved with fashion and theater when I work. At home, I work in a formal dress consignment boutique, Say Yes to Her Dress, where I'm learning the trades of running a small and fashionable business -- something I want to do when I graduate from Kent State! In my free time (that is, when I'm not working on Visual's homework), I love shopping the latest trends, getting outdoors, and spending time with friends. 

FSO: What was your first reaction when you found out you were awarded the first-ever FSO Scholarship? 
AS: When I found out I won the first ever FSO Scholarship, I was so excited and felt honored! I absolutely love being apart of FSO and felt extremely blessed to be chosen by an amazing organization. When I found out I was awarded the scholarship, I was in my Fashion Technology class and was told my William. He gave me a big hug and I was so excited I could barely focus for the rest of class! I am so thankful to the FSO board and William for this great opportunity.
FSO: What is your favorite memory from being a member of FSO? 
AS: My favorite memory from being a member of FSO has been the fashion shows that have been produced by the organization. I have loved seeing the process in which a fashion show is produced and the final product after all the hard work! It is also so cool to see all the amazing designs and creations fellow members create in the matter of weeks. It is such a fun memory and I cannot wait for the fashion shows in years to come!

FSO: What have you learned from FSO so far in your college career? 
AS: I have learned a great deal from FSO that has helped me (and will help me) in my college career. FSO has provided me with information about fashion merchandising, the intricacy of the industry, and the risks and rewards involved in the fashion world. FSO has also encouraged me to challenge myself, to work hard inside and outside of class, and to be aware that fashion is omnipresent. 
FSO: What is your dream job upon graduation? 
AS: My dream job upon graduation is to open up a fashion boutique somewhere around Cleveland. It would be amazing if I could expand my Etsy shop even more and open a store front with my handmade items. I love being in an industry with a large variety of occupations available. Along with my business, I would love to work in some kind of Product Development field, where I could experience both the merchandising and design elements of fashion.

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