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Art of Contrast Spotlight // Best Collection

8:07 AM

Today we are featuring Miranda Skitzki, the winner of Best Collection from Art of Contrast! Miranda is a sophomore fashion design major. It took Miranda about five days total (36-40 hours) to complete her collection consisting of three looks.  Carrie Esser, Sophia Termine, and Olivia Suchko modeled her glamorous gold and red collection

"My design process started with scouring Pinterest for anything that would fit the theme and then using those images to develop a concept of what I wanted to create.  From there I made some rough sketches to get my ideas down on paper.  I then met with my models to introduce myself, show them my ideas and explain my concepts, and get their feedback about how they would feel wearing my looks on the runway.  After purchasing my fabrics, I started the construction process by making rough patterns and making trial pieces of the new techniques I wanted to use.  I then sewed the final garments and had model fittings before taking care of the finishing touches.  My final step in creating the garments was hand-painting the detailing and placing the rhinestones.  Lastly, I chose accessories, planned out hair and makeup for my models, and prepared to rock the show!" 

"My inspiration was the shapes and silhouettes of traditional Indian dress, particularly wedding attire.  I really love the intricate beading and embellishment as well as the bold reds and golds in those garments. "  

 "I hand-painted all the gold details and carefully placed the rhinestones on all three looks.  I really wanted this collection to make a statement by creating a modern and edgy look while still keeping a traditional Indian feel." 

"My biggest challenges were second guessing myself about the cohesiveness of my collection and patience while adding all the embellishment. " 

Congrats Miranda!

art of contrast

Art of Contrast Spotlight // Best Designer

9:06 AM

Today we are featuring the winner of Best Designer from Art of Contrast: A Night in Bollywood! Bin Zhou is a freshman fashion design major here at Kent State. Keep on reading to hear more about his design process and what inspired his winning Bollywood design!

 "For Art of Contrast, I thought about many ways to approach it, but ultimately, I decided on something that is inspired by Bollywood, but not in a literal sense. So when I chose the fabric, I didn't want to choose a really bold color, but instead went for a pastel blue, and a softer palette tone. In Indian culture, their works include lots of beading, embroidery, and embellishments. Since I shopped at JoAnn's fabrics, I didn't have a whole lot of resources. So I chose this lace with metallic gold in it, and I used that as my trims and appliques for the jumpsuit. Then, I bought another light blue lace and made a bolero with a hoodie."

"My aesthetic is pretty much something that is fitted, beautiful, and functional. I went for a romper because I didn't want to go with the traditional route of making a crop top with a skirt or pants. I felt like a fitted romper that has flared shorts would accentuate my models legs and making the silhouette aesthetically pleasing. I went for a hooded bolero because I was inspired by the veils that they wear in Indian culture, but I just didn't want to do a literal version of it. "

"To be completely honest, I am a person that works very well under pressure. I spent a lot of time looking on the Internet, and finding fashions that were inspired by Bollywood. I couldn't find much, but what I saw were a lot of dresses and gowns, so I thought that a jumpsuit romper would be a great choice. There were some miscommunications during this process, but my model and I finally had fittings towards the week before the garment was due. The actual outfit wasn't started until the Saturday before the due date, and that's because I like to know for sure what I'm doing, and I'm a very indecisive person.  But I am glad that everything turned out ok, and I had a blast doing this project!"

Congrats Bin!

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Model Monday // Shayln Cameron

9:00 AM

For our last Model Monday of the semester, meet Shayln Cameron! She is a freshman pre-fashion merchandising major from St. Clairsville, Ohio. Keep reading to learn a few more fun facts about Shayln!

Favorite Designer: I actually do not have a favorite designer; I love following many but could not choose!
Favorite place to eat in Kent: Panini's 
Your typical Starbucks order: Cinnamon Dolce Latte 
Favorite place to shop: Any thrift shop, I am always searching for unique trends!

Favorite class you’ve taken at Kent: Dance as an Art Form 
Career Aspirations: To possibly become a personal stylist 
Favorite ice cream flavor: Uncle Fred's Oatmeal (from a small town homemade ice cream shop)
Random Fun Fact about yourself: I attended college for 2 years in Columbus to obtain my cosmetology license 

I've loved getting to know some of our fabulous FSO models a little better throughout this semester! I'm looking forward to featuring more in the spring, but until then; have a fashion-filled winter break!


art of contrast

Art of Contrast Spotlight // Best Stylist

9:00 AM

Today we are featuring the winners of Best Stylist from Art of Contrast: A Night in Bollywood! Zoe Luiz and Sydney Stonger styled two outfits together and they are both freshmen in the Fashion Merchandising program.
Read below to hear more on their styling process and their inspiration!

Modeled by Bianca Casto
“To begin our styling process, we researched the culture of Bollywood and looked up images of classic Bollywood outfits, makeup, accessories, etc. We then went to a few different thrift stores around town: Goodwill, Fabulous Finds, and Einstein's Attic, which actually ended up being a great thrifted costume store. We got most of our pieces from Einstein's Attic, like the blue cape that Bianca wore, which was actually originally attached to a dress! We cut the dress out from underneath the cape and used it in our second outfit as a shawl on Erica's shoulder."

 Modeled by Erica Bachner
"We only spent about two days shopping for the clothing items and then another day fitting the models, so it was a pretty speedy process!"

"Our main challenge was trying to make all the pieces cohesive and look good together, since we couldn't design them to look exactly how we wanted. Rather than trying to make everything match perfectly we decided to go for a very colorful look and match the small aspects of the outfits, like all gold jewelry in one outfit and silver on the other."

"Besides our internet sources, we were really inspired by the Holi Festival in India. We wanted our outfits to reflect this by using many bright colors that look good together, even though they are very different.”

Congrats Zoe and Sydney!

fall 2015


9:00 AM

Just because Thanksgiving is over does not mean that we should stop being grateful! The Fashion Student Organization is so thankful for all of our members and that we are able to have fashion shows, take a trip to NYC, and even offer one of our lucky members a scholarship. We took to Twitter to find out what our members our thankful for this holiday season…take a look at a few of our favorites below!

“I'm thankful to be able to design and create a garment for FSO's fashion shows even though I'm a merchandising major!”-Annie Skoch

“I am thankful for my family and friends, and the opportunity to be in one of the best fashion programs in the world”- Miriam Yohannes

“I'm thankful for the support of my family, especially my mom! Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today with my life”- Kathryn Reaven

“I'm thankful for great coffee and even better friends”-Dana Rausch

 I'm thankful for having family that loves and supports me and friends that inspire me.”- Hannah Gates

I'm extremely thankful for my family and education”-Anna Bloch

 “I'm thankful for these wonderful kids I got to teach this season, they brought out the best in me”- Tiffany Moyers

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will see you at our last FSO meeting of the semester on December 7th! We’ll be having an ugly sweater contest so come dressed in your holiday best!


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Model Monday // Art of Contrast Best Model

9:00 AM

Happy Model Monday! Today we are featuring our winner of Best Model from Art of Contrast “A Night in Bollywood”! Melissa Darin is a sophomore fashion merchandising major with a minor in business from Lake Orion, Michigan. Melissa modeled a gorgeous garment created by fellow FSO member Annie Skoch. Fun fact: Annie is a fashion merchandising major who also has knack for designing too! Annie was also the first recipient of the FSO scholarship last year as well! Melissa has modeled in previous FSO fashion shows before her win at Art of Contrast, so we’re sure that we’ll be seeing her strutting her stuff on the FSO runway in the future as well! Keep on reading to learn a little more about Melissa..

Favorite Designer: ChloĆ©, Chanel, Pnina Tornai
Favorite place to eat in Kent: Bistro on Main
Your typical Starbucks order: Salted Caramel Mocha or Iced Green Tea
Favorite place to shop: Free People, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom Rack, & Thrift shops! 
Favorite class you’ve taken at Kent: Fashion Tech!
Career Aspirations: To work on the corporate level for a bridal designer or bridal company. I love wedding dresses and evening wear! 
Favorite ice cream flavor: Cake batter
Random Fun Fact about yourself: I'm studying abroad in Florence next fall and hope that when I'm there I can take a trip to Greece and visit the village where my mother was born!
Melissa with her stylist, Annie Skoch

Congratulations Melissa!

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