Art of Contrast Spotlight // Best Designer

by - Friday, December 11, 2015

Today we are featuring the winner of Best Designer from Art of Contrast: A Night in Bollywood! Bin Zhou is a freshman fashion design major here at Kent State. Keep on reading to hear more about his design process and what inspired his winning Bollywood design!

 "For Art of Contrast, I thought about many ways to approach it, but ultimately, I decided on something that is inspired by Bollywood, but not in a literal sense. So when I chose the fabric, I didn't want to choose a really bold color, but instead went for a pastel blue, and a softer palette tone. In Indian culture, their works include lots of beading, embroidery, and embellishments. Since I shopped at JoAnn's fabrics, I didn't have a whole lot of resources. So I chose this lace with metallic gold in it, and I used that as my trims and appliques for the jumpsuit. Then, I bought another light blue lace and made a bolero with a hoodie."

"My aesthetic is pretty much something that is fitted, beautiful, and functional. I went for a romper because I didn't want to go with the traditional route of making a crop top with a skirt or pants. I felt like a fitted romper that has flared shorts would accentuate my models legs and making the silhouette aesthetically pleasing. I went for a hooded bolero because I was inspired by the veils that they wear in Indian culture, but I just didn't want to do a literal version of it. "

"To be completely honest, I am a person that works very well under pressure. I spent a lot of time looking on the Internet, and finding fashions that were inspired by Bollywood. I couldn't find much, but what I saw were a lot of dresses and gowns, so I thought that a jumpsuit romper would be a great choice. There were some miscommunications during this process, but my model and I finally had fittings towards the week before the garment was due. The actual outfit wasn't started until the Saturday before the due date, and that's because I like to know for sure what I'm doing, and I'm a very indecisive person.  But I am glad that everything turned out ok, and I had a blast doing this project!"

Congrats Bin!

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