Art of Contrast Spotlight // Best Stylist

by - Friday, December 04, 2015

Today we are featuring the winners of Best Stylist from Art of Contrast: A Night in Bollywood! Zoe Luiz and Sydney Stonger styled two outfits together and they are both freshmen in the Fashion Merchandising program.
Read below to hear more on their styling process and their inspiration!

Modeled by Bianca Casto
“To begin our styling process, we researched the culture of Bollywood and looked up images of classic Bollywood outfits, makeup, accessories, etc. We then went to a few different thrift stores around town: Goodwill, Fabulous Finds, and Einstein's Attic, which actually ended up being a great thrifted costume store. We got most of our pieces from Einstein's Attic, like the blue cape that Bianca wore, which was actually originally attached to a dress! We cut the dress out from underneath the cape and used it in our second outfit as a shawl on Erica's shoulder."

 Modeled by Erica Bachner
"We only spent about two days shopping for the clothing items and then another day fitting the models, so it was a pretty speedy process!"

"Our main challenge was trying to make all the pieces cohesive and look good together, since we couldn't design them to look exactly how we wanted. Rather than trying to make everything match perfectly we decided to go for a very colorful look and match the small aspects of the outfits, like all gold jewelry in one outfit and silver on the other."

"Besides our internet sources, we were really inspired by the Holi Festival in India. We wanted our outfits to reflect this by using many bright colors that look good together, even though they are very different.”

Congrats Zoe and Sydney!

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