Packing 101 for a Semester Abroad

by - Friday, August 11, 2017

With the end of summer approaching, many of us students are preparing to start another semester at Kent State. Some may be looking forward to getting back on the beautiful campus at Kent; however, others may have a different, exciting adventure in store from abroad! While I thought packing for a dorm in college was difficult, packing for an entire semester all within a few suitcases is an entirely different feat. But don’t worry! I (along with some advice from other classmates) have managed to come up with a few tips to make packing a little bit easier on you for your time abroad!

  1. Diverse Pieces
One of the few downsides to being a fashion major is that most of us want to bring our entire wardrobe with us wherever we go. We love expressing our personalities through our clothing, but when we have to limit the number of pieces we can bring it can be a difficult decision! One piece of advice would be to bring clothes that can be layered and worn in different ways. Think of the essentials such as graphic t-shirts, a denim jacket, your favorite jeans etc. Maximizing outfit opportunities while limiting the amount of space taken up is key.
  1. Accessories
Next, one of the best ways to change up your outfit is of course with accessories! Different necklaces, bracelets, and scarves are great because they don’t take up much space but offer new takes on otherwise simple outfits. Adding layered necklaces to a basic white tee and a belt to a simple pair of jeans instantly adds flare to your wardrobe.

  1. Straws
Worried about all of those necklaces being a tangled mess in your bags? Untangling necklaces can be quite the time-consuming task. To save yourself from this inconvenience, try using straws to separate them. This is a great inexpensive and easy way to maintain organization.

  1. The Roll Method
When filling a suitcase, it can be surprising how fast space fills up. However rolling clothes rather than folding them normally is an efficient and organized way of saving some room. Tee shirts, jeans, and skirts can be rolled, and this way they are not as likely to get as wrinkled as long as they are compact and neat in your bags! Even rolling socks and putting them in your shoes will also save space as well.

  1. Make A List!
To help figure out exactly what it is that you still need to pack, make a list of the items you are bringing. Plan out each section such as tops, shoes, electronics, and toiletries. By listing these items as you go through your day, it will be much easier to remember what you need rather than trying to think of it on the spot. Keep track of what you are bringing and which bag certain items are in so that unpacking is easier as well!

Hopefully, these tips will help you to be on your way to a well-prepared, once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Bon Voyage!

xoxo Ashley Alpino

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