Girl's Weekend in NYC

by - Monday, August 14, 2017

Planning a girls’ weekend in the Big Apple with my friends felt like a dream. Bright lights, busy streets, Broadway, fashion icons, and skyscrapers for miles. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of New York for as long as I can remember, and I never pass up a chance to visit. Whoever said stepping into adulthood is horrible, clearly forgot the part about finally being able to check into a hotel by themselves. We spent only a couple days making reservations and planning an itinerary before we were set and ready to go!

Exploring was a priority. Shopping was on the list for these fashionistas, of course. Yet, I was most excited for the food (as usual). Let the food frenzy commence! As soon as we made it into Midtown (and yes, we were brave enough to drive into the city), I took my friends straight across the water to Smorgasburg— one of my personal favorite food festivals held in Brooklyn every Saturday in the summer. Vendors line the water and there isn’t an item on the menu that isn’t “Instagram-worthy.”

Top of the Rock was a must-do for our first night in Manhattan.  After some beautiful views and a sunset, we hit Serendipity—a whimsical stop known for their frozen hot chocolates. Sleep doesn’t come easy in this city when there’s so much to see and do. Yet, you haven’t fully experienced a night in New York until you’ve ridden the subways in the early AM. The next couple of days were spent in Lower Manhattan for brunch, strolling through Soho, walking the High Line, and visiting the Brooklyn Bridge.  

One of our favorite stops, a first for all of us, was the Chelsea Markets. From restaurants to flea markets, the old factory alive with visitors. Central Park was our last stop before we had to head home. It was a beautiful day at the Bethesda Fountain, Gossip Girl fan or not. Sad to leave and not ready to go we ended our adventure with memories to last a lifetime. We also ended up with enough pictures to fill a magazine!

Thank you, New York City.

xoxo Emily Zappi

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