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by - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It’s that time of year again; Thanksgiving! I have always enjoyed Thanksgiving because it’s a time to spend with family and friends as well as to eat amazing food, but I think this year is even more special because I haven’t been home since I’ve been in college. Maybe some of you are in the same boat, and therefore this Thanksgiving is even more exciting than most. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for whatever you have. Since most often we don’t think about all that we are blessed with, this time of year is the perfect time to step back and look at all that you have, whether that be family, friends, shelter, food, etc. Today I am sharing with you some reason why FSO members are thankful this year.

I am thankful for the friends and family I have been blessed with. They support me through everything and make me stronger every day. They keep pushing me to be the best version of myself, no matter what they are my rock! I am so lucky to have them and I couldn't ask for any better people to surround myself with! - Bianca Oliver

I'm thankful for so much this Thanksgiving including fashion, music, and art! Studying abroad is another thing I have to be super grateful for as well. But I think I'm most thankful for my family and friends because I'm missing them here at Kent State! :) - Ashley Alpino

I am thankful to be going to one of the top fashion schools in the country, and having such supportive family and friends who believe in me. - Katrina Ore

Well, I'm thankful for so many things but the biggest one this year is that I was able to make so many amazing friends on such a big campus! - Raleigh Schofield

I'm thankful for my amazing family and friends that support everything I do, and for all the opportunities I've been gotten this past year by being a fashion student at Kent State! - Abby Bowen

By: Katie McCullough

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