Behind The Scenes: Art of Contrast: Works of Art

by - Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The greatest part about going to a fashion school would definitely have to be the fashion shows. FSO presented their annual Art of Contrast show Friday, October 21st, and this year’s theme was Works of Art. Designers and stylists were asked to create a look inspired by a work of art. The fashion show was a marvelous success with jaw dropping creations by FSO members. Although what you may not have seen, if you attended the show, was all the work that went from the finished designs to the last model’s walk down the runway. It was my job to get the inside look backstage into all the preparation that went on behind the curtain.

6:00 Model Run-through

6:30 Makeup/Dress


7:30 Doors Open

7:45 Check the Socials

7:50 Model Lineup

7:55 Final Backstage Photos

8:00 Start of the Show

8:30 Models Final Walk

8:45 Awards

Congratulations to all the amazing designers and stylists. The show was a masterpiece!

By Katie McCullough

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