Soroptimist Fashion Show Recap

9:05 AM

For ten years, FSO has been participating in the Soroptimist annual fundraiser by presenting a fashion show at the event. This year’s theme for the fashion show was titled Diamond Jubilee, which was meant to commemorate the seventy-fifth year anniversary for the Soroptimist fundraiser. The Soroptimist organization is a group that helps to improve lives of women through social and economic empowerment. The word Soroptimist actually means “best for women,” which is what the organization strives to achieve. They want to give women the resources they need to achieve their fullest potential.
This year’s Soroptimist fundraiser and fashion show took place at the Brookside Country Club for an audience of Soroptimist members. There was seventeen design/styling submissions all created by FSO members which all made it into the show. Each design or styling submission had to follow the theme of the fundraiser, Diamond Jubilee, so garments were very elegant and glamourous. The main inspiration behind the students submissions was sequins, glitter, a blue/silver color palette, and glitz. Members of FSO modeled the garment submissions during the beginning of the Soroptimist event. FSO President Sabrina Pierotti said, “Every year around the same time Soroptimist holds a fundraiser that includes a brunch and a silent auction. Our fashion show not only serves as entertainment while everyone is eating, but it also represents FSO supporting everything Soroptimist stands for!”

There is a lot of preparation that goes into this fashion show behind the scenes. It all begins with the announcement of the fashion show’s theme and a call for designers/stylists for garment submissions. Next as submissions begin to come in, Abby the project manager for FSO begins to pair garments with models. What comes next is submission day, in which all designers and stylists submit their look for the fashion show. Finally comes the day of the show, models begin arrive around eight o’clock and get ready. Then the FSO exec team and models head to the location of the show and have a practice walk-through. Then it’s showtime!
The event is a fun time for not only the Soroptimist members but also for the FSO members who attend as well. One FSO member, Montana Moyer, also one of the photographers of the show, said, “I would say that my absolute favorite part of the show was seeing everyone’s amazing designs go down the runway. The designs were all amazing and I was so obsessed with them all!” This was her first year attending the Soroptimist show, and she loved being able to capture each and every moment of the fashion show, such as the center pieces on the tables to the stitching in each design, through the lense of her camera. FSO President Sabrina Pierotti also said, “Like any fashion show that I'm involved in, my favorite moment is seeing everyone's face light up when they see a beautiful look. For example, this year a designer submitted a look made completely out of coffee filters! When the audience realized that this beautiful crop top and skirt were made out of this ordinary item, they all gasped and applauded. I love having that impact on people with fashion! In addition, my favorite part of the Soroptimist Fashion Show is taking pictures outside afterwards... the grounds are so beautiful and the pictures always come out great.” The show was definitely a success and a tradition that will hopefully be apart of FSO for years to come.

By: Katelyn McCullough

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