The "Ugly" Shoe Takes Fashion Week By Storm

by - Friday, October 07, 2016

Everyone and especially their mothers have heard of crocs, which have been criticized for years as being one of the ugliest shoes ever made. Do you think crocs could ever be fashionable? This year Christopher Kane partnered with the brand for his Spring/Summer 2017 line during London Fashion Week, in which he sent all his models down the runway in a collection of various colored crocs adorned with geodes. This collection was titled, Make Do and Mend, which as stated in a article was also the name of a 1940s British pamphlet used by women on how to adapt their clothes to last longer during a time of rationing. This collection was also Kane’s ten year anniversary of showing at London Fashion Week. According to Footwear News, this collaboration between designer Christopher Kane and Crocs will be produced and sold, so you can buy your own pair of embellished crocs coming this spring.


Although this new collection of crocs has been given a fashionable update, is it enough? I sat down with a few members of FSO to hear their take on the subject. Manny Sullivan, a freshman Fashion Merchandising major, stated, “Before I saw the Christopher Kane collection I definitely did not think that crocs could be as fashionable as the collection made them. I never thought that crocs were all that attractive to begin with, they seemed childish to me.” Manny went on to say, “After seeing the collection, I do believe that crocs can be fashionable depending on how they are styled. I believe that almost any garment or accessory can become fashionable depending on the styling and execution. Fashion is all about self expression, and if crocs express who you are, then go for it! Crocs can express a certain mood based on the color and embellishment and the collection used gems and color as a way to convey a rather sophisticated image!” Manny makes a marvelous point when he says that style is all about self expression. Anna Wintour once said, “Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” Your style is like a brand, because represents who you are to the world, so if you like crocs and they are apart of your style, ROCK THOSE CROCS. Another student, Kayla Plants, replied, “I don't believe crocs are fashionable because the Croslite material makes the feet appear heavy. Neither fit or loose garments compliment the crocs making the body look large or disproportionate. Although patterns, designs, and colors can assist in making the crocs more fashionable, the concern for finding matching garments arises.” Typically when you are trying to achieve a stylish look, you want the clothing to compliment your body and make you look and feel amazing. Kayla has a point when she says that crocs can make you look disproportionate, which may hurt the look you are trying to achieve. With that being said, what are your views on the subject?

Leave a comment down below with your opinion on the Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2017 collection and collaboration with crocs!


By Katelyn McCullough

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