Fashionisto Feature // Jaanai Jones

by - Sunday, September 07, 2014

When we decided to start this new feature on the FSO blog, it wasn't hard to choose who should be spotlighted first. Jaanai has been one the most dedicated, inspiring and fun members from the start of his freshman year. We love how much passion and excitement he brings, not only to FSO but the fashion school in general! Meet Jaanai. 

Name: Jaanai Jones
Major/Minors: Fashion Design
Year: Sophomore (Graduation May 2017)

Tell us a little about yourself!
JJ: My name is Jaanai Jones. I am a Fashion Design major at Kent State. I love ice cream, Seinfeld and SHOES. I am a huge flora enthusiast. I love making prints and different patterns. My background for fashion design comes from the curiosity of how clothing and accessories are constructed and the details put into them. I love to sew. In my free time, I research trends (WGSN is the best), knit and regularly work out. I joined FSO because I wanted to get involved with the fashion school outside of class, and it was also a great way to meet more people.

What has been your favorite class in the fashion school so far?
JJ: I’ll always love sewing, but my favorite freshman class was Intro to Fashion Technology with William Perrine (love that guy). So far, my favorite sophomore class is Fashion Tech Applications. It’s all so refreshing; a lot of the technology-based work involving fashion design is new. I love where fashion is headed in terms of integrating technology into the clothing and industry, so that may be why I love the tech side of it all.

How long have you been involved with FSO?
JJ: I have been involved with FSO since Fall 2013 (my freshman year).

Do you have a favorite FSO memory?
JJ: My favorite FSO memory definitely was painting the rock! It was a great way to end the year and see the seniors do something fun with FSO one final time before they graduated.

What are you looking forward to this year?
JJ: There are a lot of fun activities planned, but I am looking forward to the fashion shows the most. I love fashion shows. I can’t wait to design for them this year and have girls walking in my clothes down the runways.

Do you have any dream jobs in mind for post graduation?
JJ: My absolute dream job would be to design footwear for Nike. I am really passionate about footwear; almost any footwear design roles would be suitable. Perhaps it will happen! Realistically, if that doesn’t happen, I wouldn’t mind working for J Crew. I love their style and I love how Jenna Lyons helped reshape the brand from the old “frat boy prep” they used to portray.

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