Fashionista Feature: Gabby Chaffin

by - Sunday, September 21, 2014

We have so many incoming freshman this year in FSO. Gabby is one of those students, who's so excited to get involved, not only in our organization but in the Fashion School in general. Get to know her—we think she's going to be one to watch in the coming 4 years. 
Name: Gabby Chaffin
Major/Minors: Fashion Merchandising/Fashion Media/Journalism
Year: Freshman - 2018

Tell us a little about yourself! 

GC: Hello! My name is Gabby. I am a freshman this year at Kent State University and my major is Fashion Merchandising. I am originally from Niles, Ohio, so I'm not too far away from home. In my spare time I like to go adventuring, volunteer and spend time with friends & family. I am obsessed with I Love Lucy re-runs, Chipotle, Cats, Thrifting and Pinterest. In the future, I hope to do a lot of traveling because there's just so much to learn and see. I cannot wait to either study abroad or even just study in NYC. I am so excited to be starting my first year of college and learning all that I need to know about my favorite subject: Fashion. 

What has been your favorite class in the fashion school so far? 
GC: So far, Fashion Fundamentals. Dr. Leslie is so cool, and I love that I get to learn about something I'm actually interested in!

How long have you been involved with FSO?
GC: I'm new to FSO this year but I am so excited to get involved!

Do you have a favorite FSO memory?
GC: Well, at the first FSO meeting, a girl complimented me on my eyebrows...does that count? lol

What are you looking forward to this year?
GC: There's honestly so much to look forward to! But I really love fashion shows and the creativity they evoke. I cannot wait to style and model my outfit at the Goodwill Fashion Show! 

I am also really looking forward to attending the event in Seattle, Washington. I just think it’s going to be such an incredible experience to learn from some of the industries’ most successful leaders about digital retailing and the way technology is being integrated into the future of marketing. I think it'll also be a great opportunity to network and meet new people, so I'm really excited to participate.

Do you have any dream jobs in mind for post graduation?
GC: I've always had a strong attraction, (and maybe addiction), to editorial fashion. I love pictures that have a story to tell and designs that make my friends say, "Who would even wear that?". I also like to write. I guess my dream job would be to work for an editorial magazine like Harper's Bazaar or Vogue.

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