Dress Up For Downs Fashion Show

by - Friday, December 02, 2016

On November 19th, the new student organization ”Dress Up for Downs” put on their first fashion show partnering with the local Down syndrome community. This event was definitely like non other, with pride sparkling from every member, participant, and viewer of the show. The show opened with a small talk from the director of program development who explained how important groups like this were for the downs community to feel involved on campus and appreciated. From there, the show itself was an overall joy with uncountable surprises and lots and lots of dancing. Each member of the club was paired with a downs syndrome person (of all ages) to create an outfit that made them feel comfortable and fit their bodies. It was clear that the models were comfortable in not only their outfits, but also their own skin; each one shined as they danced their way down the runway with the audience constantly clapping and cheering along! Other than the amazing time had by all, the show had other successes in that it sold out the whole of Rockwell Auditorium and was also able to raise over $1000 for the Downs community.

Overall, the Dress Up for Downs first fashion show was a wild success and for all of those unable to attend, do everything in your power to go next year!

By: Autumn Barney

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