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by - Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Today in our society your online presence is almost just as important as your in-person professional self. If you missed our last FSO meeting, this post will give you some great tips on keeping a professional online profile!
So let's talk LinkedIn:
What is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is the leading online professional network for employers, businesses, and professionals. 

Why do I need it?
LinkedIn is a great way to connect and network with industry professionals, showcase your resume, find internships/jobs, and keep up with what's going on in the industry.

Who should I connect with?
You can connect with fellow students and colleagues, employers you have worked with, employers you would like to work with, professors, etc. You can also follow companies and businesses, which you should be doing especially if you are applying to work at that company. 

What should I put into my profile?
Your LinkedIn profile is like your resume plus all the extra stuff that won't fit on one page. List your jobs, sororities or clubs you are involved in (like FSO!), projects, volunteer experience, and any special awards you may have received. And don't forget to list your skills! Skills like Photoshop and Illustrator are really important nowadays. 
If you have any media to add to any of your experiences (like a video on that fashion show you worked backstage on, or a photo of a project that really rocked), add it! 
For your summary, state what you are looking for (a summer internship perhaps?) and what you are good at.
Under education, feel free to add a list of any relevant course work (like Fashion Visuals or Planning and Buying). Also, make sure to note if you have studied abroad. 

What should my profile picture look like? 
It should not be a selfie, nor should it be a group picture where everyone in the group is obviously cropped out. You should be dressed professionally, and your picture should be recent. This picture also shouldn't be a full body shot; a headshot is ideal. 

For your other social media: Just keep it classy. Don't complain about specific professors or classes. Employers (and professors!) do check your personal social media accounts. Heck, even as FSO PR Girl I've seen things on Twitter that I'm shocked that people have posted. No one wants to miss out on their dream job because they got a little crazy on Instagram and Twitter on Saturday night. Remember, what you post reflects on you, and who you are and what you represent. 

Creating your own website:
What to use it for: Showcase your personal brand and you can even use it as your portfolio
Easy way to create it: or Blogger (both free!)
To get your own website domain: has very affordable packages

BUT: Since this does cost a little money, I would suggest waiting until you've gotten your first internship under your belt or you're in your Senior year of school. You want to actually have things to post and share on your website, and to do that you need more experiences/work to share! 

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below!
And don't forget to connect with your own FSO board on LinkedIn!


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