Fashion Meets Film Recap

by - Friday, March 04, 2016

That’s a wrap on the Goodwill Fashion show! The annual show that just occurred over the weekend was such a success. With looks featured from some amazing stylists and creative fashionistas, missing this show would’ve been pretty unfortunate. If you were one of the unlucky ones who missed out then don’t fret because we have some of the best highlights straight from the show.

The annual show is a competition based from the unique looks of stylists, who are all members of the Fashion Student Organization. Each stylist must submit a look that is fully thrifted without any exception. While the show is focused around a thrifted look, there is also a theme. In the previous years we have had themes that reflected worldly trends and even a theme that allowed for complete freedom to the stylist’s creativity.

This year, the theme, “Fashion Meets Film”, was based around the inspiration that is seen throughout film favorites. The possibilities were endless and allowed for a huge opportunity to show off some amazing film inspired ensembles. Some of the highlighted looks and audience favorites were inspired from films that may not have been thought of otherwise if it weren’t for some pretty creative fashionistas.

Shannon Carlough channeled her inspiration from the movie Taxi Driver and featured a lovely pair of yellow lens sunnies that really complimented the look and was a definite favorite. 

Madi Alten chose to channel her inner baker with the movie Sweeney Todd and gave the audience an eye-catching look. The uniqueness and detail won her look a well-deserved first place.
Each year as the Fashion Student Organization begins to grow, the diverse talent of our members develops just as quickly. As we begin a very anticipated wait for next year’s show, the stylists talent will be sure to evolve and impress us all just as much, if not more than years past. 

By Hayden Flanders

You can see more pictures from Fashion Meets Film here

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