Fashion Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

by - Wednesday, February 10, 2016

(Photo by Katie Rogers)
By Kathryn Reaven 

Since New York Fashion Week is set to kick off, what better way to celebrate with the way most collections start out? I picked some of my favorite fashion illustrators that are on Instagram that are sure to spark some inspiration.

Donald Robertson (@drawberston)- One of the most recently well-known fashion illustrators, Robertson is the in-house illustrator for Estée Lauder. His illustrations are full of fun and color. During New York Fashion Week in the fall, the NYC retail store Story showcased him as the artist of the month, where he designed an array of merchandise in their store. I had the chance to visit when I was there and was so mesmerized!
(Photo by The Selby)

Jeanette Getrost (@jeanettegetrost)- Possibly one of my favorites, Getrost often records her process of drawing on her Instagram page. Her drawings are often watercolor based and take the exaggerated figure to a whole new level. The detail and texture in her work is too cool.
(Photo by Jeanette Getrost)

Grace Caio @grace_caio- Probably the most unique and innovative, Caio takes fashion illustration to a new level with incorporating flower petals as a medium with her work. Her feed is one that you will catch yourself endlessly scrolling.
(Photo by Grace Caio)

Katie Rodgers @paperfashion- Katie Rodgers uses a handful of mediums with her work including watercolor, sequins, and even lipstick. Her work is very fluid and each piece is more elaborate than the next.
(Photo by Katie Rogers)

Carly Kuhn @thecartorialist- Carly Kuhn’s work has a different flare than the artists in the rest of this countdown. I am all for quirky and cool, and Kuhn’s illustrations do just that. They are very cartoon like, but pop in color and style. Most of her illustrations are interpretations of designer’s works, along with magazine spreads. Her work showcases her unique style, surely to grab more people’s attention.
(Photo by Carly Kuhn)

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