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There are always members who stand out from the beginning. Their dedication to FSO is inspiring and their passion is contagious. Madison is one of those members. As a first year fashion major, we already know this is definitely the place for her & she's going far places

Name: Madison Gander 
Major/Minor: Fashion Merchandising / Fashion Media 
Year: Third year at Kent (previous nursing major) / first year fashion student 

Tell us a little about yourself!
MG: Fashion inspired and obsessed, I love everything about fashion school and couldn't be more thankful to have switched from nursing. I love being involved in the fashion school and want to continue to be more involved. 

What has been your favorite class in the fashion school so far?
MG: My favorite class has to be visuals so far because I love making mood boards and Dr. Hahn made the class so fun yet still challenging for me and I know the projects and information will benefit me in the future. I also loved technology because illustrator and Photoshop came natural to me, and who doesn't love William Perrine....

How long have you been involved with FSO?
MG: This is my first year being involved with FSO

This is a scarf Madison designed from images she took at AoC2014.
Do you have a favorite FSO memory?
MG: My favorite FSO memory would have to be doing photography for Art of Contrast. It was such a fun experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. 

What are you looking forward to this year?
MG: I look forward to going with FSO to New York hopefully in the spring! 

Do you have any dream jobs in mind for post graduation?
MG: I hope to one day work for a major designer (Chanel, Prada). FSO has made my first semester in fashion school so much fun and every meeting has been so beneficial to me and I look forward to two more years of FSO!  

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