How to Survive Fashion School

by - Sunday, August 24, 2014

We know how stressful, exciting and crazy that first day of class is! Whether you have one class at Rockwell or three, keep these tips in mind!

1. Dress to impress! First impressions do matter, and you want to leave your professors and classmates with a great image of you.
2. Do NOT pull out your phone in Dr. Leslie's class...just trust us.
3. Walk your schedule the day before, so you know exactly where your classes are. That way you won't be rushing or surprised when you can't find something!
4. Don't bring any books to the first day, you won't need them. Just bring a folder, notebook and pencil (which is a lot easier to carry.)
5. Visit your fashion advisor right away at the beginning of the year so they can get to know you. It's great to have someone help you through choosing 4 years of classes and deciding life goals. They have so much experience with fashion students and know what they're doing!
6. It's easy to get overwhelmed with projects, fashion shows, homework and more. Make sure to get a calendar to jot down important dates.
7. Get involved right away, especially in the fashion school! Most upper-classmen are happy to help you figure out how you fit in at Rockwell.
8. Introduce yourself to your professors—especially in a large lecture hall they want to get to know you (and they become great resources for internships & recommendations!)
9. You don't have to wear heels to class (we know how long of a walk it is from the dorms to Rockwell). Just dress for success.
10. Stay open minded! There are SO many jobs in the fashion industry and even if you know what you want to do, something else might come along that you love even more. From runway couture to ready-to-wear, from PR to visual design, find your passion. 

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